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COVID-19 Updates in Jordan01, Feb, 2021

  • 326,855 Cases

  • 7,958 Under Treatment

  • 4,316 Deaths

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  • 1,118 Today’s New Cases


Insurance Companies

If you are a medical insurance company you want to concentrate on the marketing aspect of your business, you can outsource...

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IT Services

Using the most efficient computer technology and software systems, our employees’ focus and priority is how best to serve you...

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As an individual you cannot apply for insurance with NatHealth directly but if you want to benefit from our service...

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Other Companies

If you are a large corporation and you are offering benefits that will substantially raise the cost of your insurance policy...

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E-Health Gate System

The E-Health Gate system offers hassle-free medical solutions through a paperless process where medical forms are no longer needed. With one swipe of the smart card onto the near-field communication “NFC” sensor of the tablet all the patient’s data and information can be easily accessed. Doctors can enter the required prescriptions and tests and can get the needed medical approval directly through the system without the need to make a call or wait for long periods of time.


NatHealth aims to reshape the future of insurance with its turn-key systems. Our e-claim system facilitates effective claims processing and allows for tighter, more secure control of expenses and proper disbursement of payments. Our E-Health Gate system offers our clients the fastest and most secure electronic health insurance solution in Jordan that uses a near-field communication “NFC” technology. At NatHealth, we thrive to continuously develop smart solutions to further enhance our customer experience and offer them the best services available in the market.

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